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IC Engine Counterbalance Trucks

IC Counterbalance Forklifts

HC-UK’s robust IC Counterbalance models are one of the most cost-effective forklifts on the market. These proven performers help to maximise productivity within light to heavy-duty outdoor applications 365 days a year. They can effortlessly handle attachments or loads up to 12 tonnes – regardless of the lifting height, surface, or transport distances involved. Equipped with a durable chassis for maximum performance, our rugged IC counterbalance forklifts are available with diesel or LPG engines.


Stage V Certified Engines

Here at HC-Forklift’s-UK we are fully committed to providing up to date solutions. We are proud to announce successful adoption of EU Tier V Kubota Diesel engines and GCT LPG engines (from 1.0- 32.0 tonnes), ensuring higher performance with cleaner emissions. Click here for more information.


XF2 Series

XF Series

Rough Terrain

Why Choose a Gas Forklift?

With a load capacity ranging between 1000kg – 18,000kg, HC gas forklift trucks provide the perfect tool for working indoors – unlike diesel forklifts which require specific safety conditions. Also known as LPG forklifts, or propane / butane-powered forklifts – these all-rounders can handle large loads in the most challenging conditions such as rain, sleet, wind, dirt or uneven surfaces.

Thanks to its powerful engine, the LPG lift truck achieves an incredibly high torque even at low speeds. This makes it the ideal solution for daily tasks in the warehouse and production facilities including building, construction, beverage, agricultural and timber industries.


Why Choose a Diesel Forklift?

Boasting outstanding fuel consumption, low emissions, and noise levels, our weatherproof Diesel Forklifts are designed for outdoor use and can cover longer distances over uneven terrain. The high torque of the diesel engine allows for fast lifting and driving speeds. Refuelling can take place in a matter of minutes for increased availability.

Our ever-popular XF Diesel Forklift range offer the perfect blend of power and precision. These robust trucks effortlessly carry loads ranging from 1 to 16 tons, whilst requiring little maintenance – resulting in outstanding value. Renowned for their first-class manoeuvrability, acceleration, or precise positioning – the XF series guarantees maximum driving comfort and highest throughput.

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