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Here at HC-Forklifts-UK, we provide safe and ergonomic driving solutions for the warehouse. Both our Low and Medium Level Order Pickers master all picking and transport processes in the warehouse, whilst saving on energy. Our complete range of order pickers for sale can reach heights of 5 metres for a higher picking performance.

Maximise Productivity in the Warehouse

Thanks to full-load travel speed up to 9km/h and easy entry, productivity and efficiency is increased further. Ideally suited for use in narrow-aisle applications, our warehouse equipment guarantees operator safety when driving, lifting and order picking. Boasting up to 3.7m long forks our handling equipment can comfortably pick up as many as three pallets weighing up to 2.5 tonnes. 

A-Series Low Level Order Picker

A Series High Level Order Picker, 1.2t

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