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4-Wheel Forklifts

If you a searching for greater comfort and stability when lifting loads up to 16 ton, our 4 wheel drive forklifts ticks the boxes. All whilst providing increased energy savings. Tried and trusted for many years, the 4 wheel electric lift trucks are Ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor applications with harder surfaces.


Super-Fast Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

All electric forklifts are built with a range of power solutions, including state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion battery technology. Thanks to superfast charging performance and higher availability, our maintenance free XC Series forklifts ensure longer lasting performance. A perfect replacement for engine-powered forklifts, our durable electric forklifts are come with powerful motors for greater travel speeds and sealed components. As a result, they make reliable outdoor workers, even in wet or dusty conditions.

Information on our four wheel electric forklifts for sale, including load capacity, lift height, mast type, can be found below.

A Series 

A Series High Performance

A Series High Capacity

X Series

XC Series

XH Series

Electric J Series 5.0 – 8.5t

XH Series High Voltage Lithium Forklift

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