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Pallet Stackers 

Designed to minimise the workload for staff by reducing the need for physical labour and speeding up the stacking and packing process within racking, HC-Forklift-UK’s Electric Pallet Stackers remove stress and strain from budgets, as well as operators.

Manoeuvrable in even the smallest spaces, our Electric Pallet Stackers come with lift capacities of up 3 ton and the capability of lifting palletised products to a height of 3 metres. By offering a more economical and safer alternative to the counterbalance forklift, this material handling equipment is commonly used for stacking and collecting boxed or crated items in warehouses and retail stores.


Ride-on & Pedestrian Pallet Stackers for Sale

HC-Forklift-UK’s Pedestrian Pallet Stackers guarantees smooth transportation of products over shorter distances, where space is limited. If you need to stack in a heavy-duty application, with longer travel distance – the A-Series Electric Ride-on Pallet Stacker is the answer. Built for single or multi shift application, the speed of the stacker is increased when the platform is lifted down for a comfortable and efficient speed.

Pantograph Stackers

Our complete range of Pantograph Stackers are designed to make lifting and loading a faster and easier process. These units offer an economical alternative to forklift trucks and are ideally suited to confined spaces due to their compact and lightweight design. With innovative reach fork, mast move and/or initial lift movements, these versatile trucks provide outstanding value for money.

Hi Range Pallet Stacker  1.2 – 2.0t

Pallet Stacker (High range 1.2 – 2.0t)

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