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A-Series 1.0 – 3.5t Hangcha Trucks

XB Series Pallet Truck with Scissor Lift

​The XB Series Pallet Truck with Scissor Lift is the perfect tool for order picking in and around the warehouse. Lifting loads up to 2,000kg effortlessly, the pallet truck comes with full electric lift and drive, reducing labour intensity and manual handling. As a result, the risk of injury can be greatly reduced, and productivity can be maximised.

With a platform height of 2000mm, the double scissor structure provides a more stable and stronger profile for greater reliability, whilst the compact structure provides excellent manoeuvrability.

A simple, multi-function REMA handle enables the operator to complete all functions with one hand. The battery can be removed conveniently from the side for easier maintenance and disassembly. A one-piece plastic cover protects important components.

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