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A-series 1.3t – 2.0t Hangcha Trucks

X Series 3W Electric Forklift

The new HC X series 0.8 -1.0t 3 Wheel Electric forklifts are very compact with a small turning radius and high manoeuvrable.

The front-wheel drive provides high driving and lifting speed as well as strong climbing ability. The front wheel is equipped with patterned rubber tyres, giving it more grip in wet and sandy conditions as well as when driving up a slope.

  • EPS (Electric Power Steering) system only works when turning, reducing energy consumption significantly.
  • The truck is equipped with energy-saving and durable LED lights.
  • A built-in charger makes it more efficient and convenient
  • The optimized wide-view mast and the low dashboard enables the driver to have a clear view of his load and minimises blind spots.
  • The emergency power-o‑ switch and the electronic and hydraulic overload protection all comply with European safety standards.
  • Non-marked solid tire

  • Triple multiway valve

  • 2-4.5m duplex wide-view mast

  • 2-4m full free duplex mast

  • 3.5-4.5m triplex mast

  • Widened fork carriage and load backrest

  • External side shifter

  • Other attachments

    • Foldable forks of different lengths

    • Forks of other lengths

    • Cold storage

    • Left and right rear-view mirrors

    • Rear LED working light

    • Warning light

    • Charger

    • OPS system

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