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Electric Tow Tractor J Series 2.0 – 6.0t Hangcha Trucks

A Series Electric Stand-on Tow Tractor  3.0 – 5.0t

The versatile HC-UK Stand-on Electric Tow Tractor, 3.0 – 5.0t is a perfect assistant  for short distance transportation among production lines. A low operator platform provides effortless entry and exit for longer shifts, ensuring greater efficiencies within your warehouse operations. The robust Stand-on Electric Tow Tractor comes with power steering as standard for flexible operation.


High Quality Components

Powered by an AC CURTIS Control system, it provides smooth and precise movement, as well as excellent acceleration and climbing performance. Ideally suited to automotive, manufacturing and logistics, all key components such as switches, connectors and battery indicators are made up of world leading suppliers – ensuring outstanding value for money.

The pedal uses a shock absorption design for improved driver comfort, whilst reducing fatigue when working long shifts. The adjustable backrest comes with hip support is also a luxury when operating for longer periods.
The 3-pivot and side support bar system ensures a safe and reliable operation. Automatic deceleration during turning, as well as a safety switch pedal can effectively prevent risk of injury to the driver.
  • Rubber wheel
  • Warning light
  • Working light
  • Handrail
  • Big capacity battery
  • Anti-collision bumper
  • Different height of towing coupling
  • Rear view mirror

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