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Electric Tow Tractor J Series 2.0 – 6.0t Hangcha Trucks

A Series Electric Ride-on Tow Tractor, 2.0 – 6.0t

Designed for transportation over long distances, the HC Ride-on Electric Tow Tractor offers high travel speeds and outstanding driver comfort. Unlike trucks with combustion engines, this electric tow tractor is perfect for moving components in production facilities or other indoor/outdoor towing work – helping to tackle any logistical challenge.


Lower Life Costs

The HC Ride-on Electric Tow Tractor easily transports loads weighing up to 6 tons from goods receipt to distribution and production, with greater efficiency and flexibility. The innovative 3-phase AC technology not only produces zero emissions and minimal noise, but also makes them maintenance-free for lower life costs. 

The driver operator position includes a large footwell enabling easy entry and exit from the vehicle, resulting in a safe and ergonomic operation. A USB mobile phone charging port is standard, providing convenience for the operator. Electronic power steering makes driving easier, resulting in greater control.
  • Rugged, compact design for increased durability
  • Built-in seat helps to reduce fatigue over a long period, increasing productivity
  •  3-phase AC motors offers higher performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs
  • A combination of a low centre of gravity design, plus powerful acceleration ensures turning speeds up to 13 km/h, increasing productivity further
  • Fully-enclosed driver’s cabin
  • Semi-closed cabin
  • Suspension seat (for seating driving type tractor)
  • Reflecting mirror
  • Alarm lamp
  • Solid tyre
  • Big capacity battery

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