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Electric Forklifts

HC-Forklift-UK’s agile three and four wheel Electric Forklifts are built with powerful motors for greater claiming ability and higher travel speeds, making them a perfect replacement for engine-powered forklifts. First in class for safety, productivity and energy consumption, our compact electric forklift trucks are extremely manoeuvrable where space is limited indoors.


Increase Efficiency, Reliability & Agility in the Warehouse

Our high performing and energy efficient electric forklift trucks are ideal companions for a wide variety of demanding applications. Suitable for indoor use with smooth floors, these powerful trucks have a range of features designed to cope with the toughest demands. All components are fully protected ensuring they are reliable workers outdoors, in wet or dusty conditions. Designed to maximise your throughput in narrow-aisle warehouses, both our three and four wheel electric forklifts provide smooth acceleration along with low energy consumption. With lift capacities up to 16 tonnes, our electric forklifts come with a range of masts, power and fork configurations.

A Series

A Series High Performance

A Series High Capacity

X Series

XC Series

XH Series


Battery Options

Choosing the right battery for your electric forklift truck depends on your unique requirements. Our Lithium-ion CATL battery technology gives you longer lasting performance, superfast charging times, and zero maintenance. This all helps to reduce your costs over the trucks lifecycle. However, if you are running two shifts with no battery change, then our lead-acid batteries are equally proven. Fitted with the latest 3-phase AC motors, our electric forklifts can perform over two shifts, without having to change or recharge the battery in between. This saves you valuable time and energy – all whilst lowering costs.

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