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3 – Wheel Forklifts

HC-Forklifts-UK have a number of 3 wheel forklift models for sale. These reliable and state-of-the-art three-wheel forklifts are proven workhorses in a number of indoor applications, however big your warehouse. Whether your operations are in logistics, retail, garden centres, trade outlets, or any environment that has a stable and smooth floor surface – our 3 wheel electric forklifts provide the answer.


Why Choose a 3 Wheel electric forklift?

One of the main advantages of our 3 wheel fork trucks, is that they have a small turning radius. This makes them incredibly agile and manoeuvrable when working in the tightest of spaces. With various specifications including lift capacities up to 2 tonnes, our compact forklifts ensure greater productivity all year round.

Our three wheel machines are built with powerful motors for greater climbing ability and higher travel speeds, making them a perfect replacement for engine-powered forklifts. First in class for safety and energy consumption, all components are fully protected ensuring they are reliable workers outdoors, in wet or dusty conditions.

A Series

Electric 1.3t – 2.0t 3 Wheels

3 Wheel Electric Forklift (1.3-2.0t)

A-Series Mini Range 3-wheel Electric Forklift

A-series Rear Drive Forklift Electric 24V, 1.5t

X Series

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