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3rd Generation Lithium Pallet Truck 1.5t – 2.0t

The A series Lithium Pallet Truck, 1.5 – 2.0t is our flagship warehouse truck, combining a new generation of lithium battery technology with state-of-the-art-design. Using DC magnet drive technology for advanced performance, It is an ideal tool for loading, unloading and handling palletised goods in warehouses, retail shops and on the back of lorries.

Outdoor Work
The A series mini pallet truck adopts a smooth vivid profile. The compact structural design prevents parts from rubbing together, whilst no electrical components are exposed, making it even more reliable for outdoor work. The newly developed joystick ensures movements can be completed with one hand. An upright walking button provides even greater manoeuvrability in the smallest spaces.

Power Saving
The truck can hibernate automatically when not used for a long period of time. This protects the battery and prolongs the battery’s service time. In addition, the electronic lifting limit switch avoids any overflow from the hydraulic power unit, saving more energy and protecting the motor. This ensures an even longer working life.

  • Superfast 2-hour charging
  • 3-hour continuous use
  • Water resistant
  • Upright walking function
  • Battery time display
  • DC permanent magnet traction motor
  • Dual load wheels
  • Fork interval: 560mm
  • Fork length: 1150mm
  • Code lock
  • Emergency power off switch
  • Multi-function meter
  • High-performance lithium battery
  • Non-contact interlock switch
  • Electronic lifting limit switch
  • Upright walking function
  • Fork width: 680mm
  • Fork length: 1000mm
  • Single load wheel
  • Key switch

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