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J Series 5.0 - 8.5t Hangcha Trucks

X Series Electric, 6.0 – 10.0t Forklift

Thanks to several speed gears, the X Series Electric Forklift Truck 6.0 – 10.0t can be adapted to different operating environments for increased productivity. With a high-power driving motor and high-speed ratio gearbox, the vehicle can have its maximum full-load driving speed increased to 14.5km/h and maximum full-load upslope degree increased by up to 14%.

A high-power oil pump motor and a large-displacement silent pump are used to significantly improve the lifting speed. An 8t vehicle, for example, can have its maximum full-load lifting speed increased to 300mm/s.

When the forks are 100-60mm away from the ground, they will automatically slow down so that the goods and pallet will not hit the ground and the goods are protected. The optimized design of the wide-view mast, wide-view overhead guard and low dashboard enables a broader view, whilst the rear-view mirror provides a broader rear view and higher driving safety.

The front and rear battery door facilitates quick and easy battery maintenance. Whilst an innovative two-door structure – with one door on the left and right side of the forklift – easily facilitates the maintenance of the motor, oil pump and electric control of the forklift.

  • AC electric control motor
  • Emergency power off switch
  • Multifunctional colour screen instruments
  • Super-elastic solid tire
  • Two-way multi-way valve
  • Rubber pedal pads of all sizes
  • 3 m duplex wide-field-of-view mast
  • Vehicle LED lights
  • Panoramic rear view mirror
  • Fully hydraulic power steering
  • Angle-adjustable steering column
  • Horn, reversing buzzer
  • Large tool box, folder
  • Intelligent descending forks device
  • Traction pin
  • Silent gear pump
  • Seamless solid tire
  • Triple and quadruple multiway valves
  • Alarm light
  • Rear LED operation light
  • Blue light
  • Rear reversing armrest horn button
  • Large-capacity battery
  • PVC ceiling
  • Battery charger
  • Chair sensing system
  • Electro-hydraulic proportional valve,
  • thumb switch
  • Video monitoring system
  • Fully-suspended seat
  • Fully enclosed cab
  • Left and right rear view mirrors
  • Free duplex mast
  • Free triplex mast
  • Forks of other lengths
  • Heightened or widened fork carriage
  • Other attachments
  • Double front wheels
  • Battery removed sideways

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