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XF2 Forklift

XF2 Diesel Forklift, 2-3.5t

The all-new XF2 Series IC Counterbalance Diesel Forklift, 2.0 – 3.5t provides faster lifting speeds for increased productivity. A combination of shorter truck length and an increased Internal turning angle (from 77° to 82°), allows drivers to work in narrow spaces.

Thanks to the newly designed steering axle, the XF2 IC Counterbalance Diesel Forklift has a low centre of gravity. Not only does this provide excellent stability, but it also ensures higher residual capacities of up to 3.5 ton. Furthermore, the highly cost-effective and award-winning EU stage V Diesel Engine has been tested for 10,000 hours for ultimate reliability.


More Vision. More Control. More Guarantee

The ergonomically optimised mast design provides outstanding visibility for maximum control and driving conditions. The counterweight slopes at the back for better visibility when reversing. The fully suspended gearbox, seat and overhead guard reduces vibration of the vehicle.


Advanced Wet Disc Brake

The advanced wet disc brake transmission comes as standard. It has been developed to significantly improve the reliability of the braking system, resulting in a stronger, more robust performance in wet and dusty applications. All key electrical connectors and connectors are waterproof.


Minimal Maintenance

The Stage V DPF filter system only needs changing every 5,000 hours for longer maintenance intervals. Both the drive axle, wet brake system and enhanced Okamura gearbox are expected to have a minimum service life of 10 years.

  • Diesel engine only (LPG available at a later stage)
  • High-performance tire
  • Wet braking drive axle
  • Fully suspended gearbox
  • Open cast steering axle
  • Pad-equipped steering axle
  • Fully hydraulic power steering gear
  • EU V engine
  • Plate-fin heat dissipater
  • Auxiliary water tank for heat dissipater
  • High-efficiency air filter
  • Special sound-absorbing cotton
  • Traction device
  • Engine hood gas spring
  • Low-noise gear pump
  • Load-sensing steering-priority–
  • ensured multiway valve
  • 24° conic joint
  • High-pressure hydraulic system
  • Multifunctional interactive instruments
  • Chair sensing system
  • Combination LED lighting system
  • Intelligent controller
  • Gear shifting switch formed by
  • Waterproof connector
  • Duplex wide-view mast
  • Standard fork
  • Standard fork carriage
  • Standard load backrest
  • Speed limiting valve of the mast
  • Fully suspended overhead guard
  • New-generation fingertip / operating system
  • Combined cab
  • Cab heater
  • Windshield and wiper
  • User specified colour
  • Solid tire
  • Clean tire
  • Fan
  • License plate frame
  • Labels in foreign languages
  • Water tank grill cover
  • Basin-shaped double air filter
  • High-position exhauster
  • Hydraulic oil heat dissipater
  • Electric proportional
  • control valve
  • Multi-segment adjustable speed limit
  • Battery for start in cold weather
  • Lifting at a high idle speed
  • Oil-water separation alarm
  • Free duplex wide-view mast
  • Four-cylinder free triplex
  • wide-view mast
  • Free triplex wide-view mast
  • Double front wheels
  • Synchronised steering
  • Heightened overhead guard
  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Parking brake

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