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Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck, 1500kg (CBD15-JH)

​Lift and transport goods safer and easier with the ever-reliable CBD15-JH Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck. Boasting full electric lift and drive, this lightweight machine removes the need for manual handling – instantly boosting safety and productivity around the warehouse and on the back of vehicles. The same weight and size as a manual pallet truck, but fully electric and at a fraction of the price – the CBD15-JH offers outstanding value.

The CBD15-JH Electric Pallet Truck comes with a detachable Lithium-ion battery which can be charged in 3-hours – providing greater availability. It provides intermittent charging whilst on breaks and has a continuous working time of 3 hours. What’s more, the battery has a 2,000-battery life cycle and can be simply charged with a 3-pin plug (24v).

The detachable battery means that lorry drivers can keep the machine on the lorry overnight after their shift, whilst putting the light-weight battery on charge overnight in the warehouse. The ‘manual release of electromagnetic brakes’ option ensures the truck is still operational in the event of a breakdown. This feature ensures your drivers are not left stranded when making deliveries.

  • 1.5t capacity
  • 142kg service weight including battery
  • PU wheels
  • 200mm lift height
  • Forks 1150 x 550mm / 1000 x 680mm
  • Turning radius 1398mm
  • 75kw Drive Motor

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