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Electric Tow Tractor J Series 2.0 – 6.0t Hangcha Trucks

X Series Ride on Electric Tow Tractor, 6.0 – 10t

The X Series Ride on Electric Tow Tractor has a powerful 4.5 kW AC drive motor for pulling loads up to 6.0 – 10 tonnes at speeds of up to 18 kilometres per hour.  A heavy-duty steel chassis and rugged upper structure with streamlined profile protects the driver whilst offering maximum stability around corners.

The X Series Ride on Electric Tow Tractor has a brushless, maintenance-free AC motor which reduces operating costs significantly. The full suspension system is adopted for both front and rear axles, resulting in less vibrations and a more comfortable operation. A low-level entry step ensures greater comfort for the driver when getting on or off the vehicle, whilst the battery can be removed from the side of the tow tractor, for quicker maintenance.

All electrical components such as the electric controller, contactor, instruments, and accelerator light are from word leading brands for better reliability.

  • LED headlamp (high beam, low beam)
  • direction indication lamp
  • LED rear three-color combination lamp
  • DIN Battery
  • Horn
  • Back-up beeper
  • Emergency power switch
  • Large LCD display
  • Battery side roll out
  • Seat with safety belt
  • Simple canopy (with no windshield and windshield wipers)
  • Simple canopy (with windshield and windshield wipers)
  • Fully enclosed cab
  • Fan
  • Alarm light
  • Right and left rear-view mirrors
  • On-seat operation of traction pin
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Blue-light Lamp
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • LED rear working lamp
  • OPS system
  • Voice back-up beeper
  • Optional special seat
  • Optional imported brand battery
  • Super-elastic solid tires
  • Charger
A series tow tractor

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