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High Range Pallet Stacker  1.2 – 2.0t

High Performance

Built with the latest AC travelling motor to provide high speeds and efficiency, the Pallet Stacker Hi Range 1.2 – 2.0t offers good grade ability with maximum speeds of up to 7.5Km/h. High performance is guaranteed every time through accurate and stable control.

The optimized design enables excellent visibility and easy entrance of the pallet. The compact body structure provides the ideal solution for operating in limited spaces and the wedge design chassis greatly increases the passing ability.

Operator comfort has been greatly improved with the newly designed shock absorption foldable platform. Furthermore, the hydraulic power unit offers low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and landing reliable operation. With three braking types and an applied anti-slip function ensures safety of operation is guaranteed.
  • Automatic charger
  • Different fork length
  • Different width of fork
  • Cold store protection
  • Custom Paint
  • Load backrest
  • Guide roller of pallet
  • Pedestrian: 210Ah – 240Ah
  • Stand on: 240Ah – 340Ah

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