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HC-Forklifts-UK Dealer Support

When you become an approved HC-Forklift-UK dealer, not only will you be getting access to over 150 models of low cost material handling equipment (1-32t), but you will also receive a unique support structure to help you deliver unparalleled value and service to your customers, helping to secure more wins for your business. This all-inclusive support package has resulted in us becoming one of the fastest growing forklift dealer networks in the UK.


Extensive forklift & parts availability

Get immediate access to high quality, cost effective IC Counterbalance forklifts, 3 and 4-wheel electric trucks, plus a whole range of warehouse equipment. Showroom stock is also available on consignment, helping you deliver live demonstrations to your customers and winning more deals. All our equipment is designed to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum, whilst our dedicated technical aftersales support team are on hand to give expert advice wherever required. We hold a large stock of fast-moving parts within our UK central hub, which can be shipped to you within 24 hours.


Receive Sales Leads

As part of our commitment to all HC-Forklift-UK Dealers, we provide you with live sale leads for your business. By monitoring any live leads which come on our website, which generates a large number of visitors each week, we are able to pass on any hot prospects to you – free of charge. By Identifying leads in real-time, you can dramatically improve your chances of converting them into a customer. Start gaining the competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity again!


What’s in it for me?

Access to 150+ Models Forklifts

Access to 150+ Models Forklifts

Low Cost Maintenance

 Low Cost Maintenance

Technical Product Training

Technical Product Training

Showroom Stock


 Sales & Marketing Support

Sales & Marketing Support

 Access Genuine Parts

Access Genuine Parts


“HC-Forklifts-UK Gives Loading & Lifting Major Sales Boost”

Loading & Lifting Sell 30 New HC-UK Machines…


It’s simple to apply

We are always on the lookout for Independent forklift specialists to add to our ever-growing network of forklift dealers. It’s quick and easy to apply. Once you’ve provided us with your details, we’ll contact you to have a good old-fashioned chat about your business and how help you secure more wins.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I become a HC Dealer?

 Simply contact your local dealer manager on 0845 600 9790, who will discuss your requirements and talk through which dealer plan is best for you.

How quickly can I become a HC dealer?

You can become a Friendly or Authorised Dealer within 24 hours. Finance checks will be made to complete the registration.

What are my options?

You can either become an Exclusive Dealer or Non-Exclusive Dealer.

What does this mean to become a Non-Exclusive HC dealer?

A dealer who builds a relationship with HC-UK but doesn’t have a target to meet each year. You can sell other brands of forklift to support your requirements.

What are the benefits of being a Non-Exclusive HC dealer?

Full access to the HC Forklift portfolio including 150+ types of forklift.

What does this mean to become an Exclusive HC dealer?

A dealer who builds a relationship with HC but has a target to meet each year within a designated postcode area.

What are the benefits of becoming an Exclusive HC dealer?

Extra parts discount, access to showroom stock trucks, Marketing support, increased warranty terms, your own post code area, Engineer training programs.

What does it cost to become a HC dealer?

Nothing, it’s absolutely free!

Will I be provided with live sales leads?

Any live enquiries from the website, which receives over 1,000 hits per month, will be passed on to you. No questions asked.

Am I guaranteed success?

No, but we will provide you with all the tools necessary to help achieve more wins for your business.

Are there any minimum targets?

For Exclusive Dealers, we agree any min targets with you based on BITA stats.

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