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Mini Range Powered Pallet Truck 1.5t

Electric Pallet Truck For Sale

Compact, durable and lightweight; the Mini Powered Pallet Truck effortlessly lifts and moves goods up to 1.5 tonnes. Suitable for more light-duty applications including horizontal transportation and order picking, The MPP15 has a built-in charger and maintenance free gel battery. Boasting full electric lift and drive, the MPP15 provides a superior alternative to the hand pallet truck.

Thanks to its steel frame and compact design, the Mini range powered pallet truck, 1500kg is more robust and powerful to meet many demanding applications. Whether it is delivery service, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing, the robust pallet truck has the strength to deal with short distance tasks.


  • Tortoise speed button is available.
  • Emergency button on the tiller head avoids harm to the driver when driving in reverse.
  • The well designed tiller arm is designed to operate all functions easily, even by one hand.
  • Auxiliary wheels are located next to the drive wheel as standard for greater stability.
This powered pallet truck has easy-to-use controls for safe operation. The optimized design offers good visibility and easy entrance of the pallet. Hydraulic power is applied to provide lower noise and vibrations resulting in smoother lifting and landing. What’s more, the tiller arm is made by the industry leader REMA.
  • Built in charger
  • Different fork length
  • Different width of outside fork

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