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​Emission standards keep changing, so do our upgrades

Since 1997, the EU has adopted a series of regulations to address emissions for IC Counterbalance Forklifts. Now at Stage V, the world’s toughest emission standards have been phased-in from 2018 with full enforcement from 2021, designed to reduce the emissions from combustion engines by lowering the limit of exhaust levels of diesel and gasoline (LPG) engines.

Here at HC-Forklift’s-UK we are fully committed to providing up to date solutions. We are proud to announce successful adoption of EU Kubota and GCT tier V engines from 1.0- 32.0 tonnes, ensuring high performance with cleaner emissions.

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Five reasons why Stage V is right for you

1. ​Clean Emissions

The stage V engine has low original emissions, a high post-processing regeneration efficiency and low regeneration triggering criteria. The engine load only needs to reach 30N.m before the emission temperature that triggers regeneration is reached. Therefore, under normal operating conditions, and the ash cleaning interval reaches 6000h. This enables easy use and low maintenance costs.

2. ​Higher Reliability

The main body of the engine has passed the maximum power reliability test for 15000h cumulatively. The engine and the post-processing equipment on the vehicle have been tested under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, high altitudes, and extreme cold.


3. More Power

With adequate power reserved, high torque at low speeds and stable idle loading performance, meaning the engine will never stall.

4. Outstanding Performance

With stable idle loading performance, a V2607 platform that uses a rear-mounted gear train, PTO full torque output, ensures high performance of resistance to stalling at low speeds.

5. Greater Comfort

With a built-in high-pressure common rail, fuel injector and EGR valve, the engine has low noise levels and less vibration ensuring greater comfort to the driver.

Download our latest Stage V brochure which gives you all the information you need about the latest industry regulation.