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A-Series 1.0 – 3.5t Hangcha Trucks

A Series 12-16t High Capacity Electric Forklift

The HC High Capacity Electric Forklift provides an excellent alternative to the traditional IC powered truck, whilst helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions and lower running costs by switching to electric power. The rugged truck comes with a large 120-volt battery ensuring greater power and less frequent battery changes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor working conditions, it is an ideal solution for the paper, ports and logistics, steel and beverages industries.

The duplex wide-view mast gives the driver a broader view, making every day jobs even easier and helping to maximise productivity.

The cabin provides ample overhead clearance and leg room, allowing easy access at any time. The fully enclosed cab is thermally insulated and is also is equipped with an air conditioning unit, ensuring a comfortable temperature can always be maintained.

Safety is also considered with regenerative braking, reverse braking, and anti-slope braking installed, reducing the risk to the driver.

The AC controller ensures greater control for traveling, lifting, braking, and steering actions. With smoother and accurate movements for superior performance. The AC travel motor is maintenance-free, with substantially increased reliability and service life, and reduced maintenance costs included.


  • Customised colour
  • Solid tire / environmentally friendly solid tire
  • Work lamp
  • Other sizes of fork
  • Rear view camera system
  • Battery charger

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