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XH Series High Voltage Lithium Forklift 2.0 – 3.5t

A New Generation of Forklift

Following decades of research and development, HC have put together a new generation of hybrid forklift technology, representing a major breakthrough from the traditional forklift design concept. The XH Series High Voltage Lithium Forklift, 2.0 – 2.5t provides a pioneering structure, redefining electric forklifts in terms of efficiency, power, reliability, paving the way to replace internal combustion forklifts.

High Voltage Lithium Technology   

  • Powerful 309v lithium battery can be 100% charged in 1 Hour
  • Overall running time 12 Hours
  • Save approximately 90% of the overall cost during the service cycle
  • Maintain a 75% capacity retention rate of up to 10 years

How does this Benefit Me?

Fast charging brings about greater efficiencies to your operations. Shortening waiting times for charging ensures maximum productivity, whilst saving money by removing the need for spare batteries and the complicated management system.

Excels in the Great Outdoors

  • Durable exterior design comes with a water resistance level of IPX4
  • Motor, electronic controls and components combat dust and water resistance to a high level of IP67
  • High protection design can withstand some of the harshest operating environments

XH Lithium Forklift vs Standard Fuel Forklift

Both the drive and operating systems are permanent magnet synchronization systems. Equipped with a high-speed ratio gearbox for excellent driving speed and acceleration performance, which rivals those of an internal combustion vehicle, whilst providing an emission-free environment.

  • Multi-function colour screen combination instrument
  • Large integral rubber pedal pads
  • Standard duplex mast, fork, fork carriage and load backrest
  • Stamped iron hood, stamped iron side plates
  • Stamped stainless steel boarding step
  • The gas spring of the hood with a touch-proof mechanism
  • Handbrake with a touch-proof mechanism
  • Integrated fuse box
  • Charging muzzle meeting national standards
  • Reverse buzzer
  • Lithium battery pack
  • Low temperature electric heating systems
  • Permanent magnet AC traction motor controller
  • Permanent magnet AC oil pump motor controller
  • DC-DC power supply
  • VCU controller
  • MSD maintenance switch
  • Emergency power off switch
  • Mileage display, operating time display
  • Load sensing steering system
  • Turning deceleration function
  • Soft landing
  • SPE power selection
  • Electronic water pump
  • Electronic fan
  • Heat dissipater
  • Expansion tank
  • Double multi-way valve
  • Low noise gear pump
  • Toolbox, folder
  • Traction pin
  • LED combination headlights
  • Solid tire
  • Left and right rear-view mirrors
  • Reversing video
  • Front/rear blue lights
  • Rear operation lights
  • Lithium battery charger
  • Cold storage
  • Reverse armrest (with a horn button)
  • OPS system
  • Triple multi-way valve
  • Quadruple multi-way valve
  • Quintuple multi-way valve
  • Widened / heightened load backrest
  • Widened fork carriage
  • Forks of other lengths
  • Free duplex mast
  • Free triplex mast
  • Built-in side shifter
  • Accessories for other specifications
  • Grammar MSG531 suspended seat
  • Start with a PIN code or by swiping a card
  • Colouring solid environmentally friendly seamless tire
  • Fork ascending buffering
  • Fingertip control system

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