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Electric Tow Tractor J Series 2.0 – 6.0t Hangcha Trucks

J Series Electric Tow Tractor  2.0 – 6.0t

The Hangcha Electric Tow Tractor J Series 2.0 – 6.0t offers towing capacity from 2-6 tones and is ideal for transporting people and goods in manufacturing plants, airports, and hospitals. The rugged design offers optimum performance in even the toughest applications and the Hydraulic heavy-duty disc brakes help reduce brake wear.

The driver operator position includes a large footwell enabling easy entry and exit from the vehicle, resulting in a safe and ergonomic operation. What’s more, the truck provides easy access to battery and components which results in a quick battery change whenever required.

The 3-phase AC motors offers higher performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Benefit from powerful acceleration and high top speed, even when laden and a rapid change in direction of travel.

  • High capacity battery
  • Battery charger
  • Cold storage
  • Slide-out battery and trolley
  • Custom painting
  • Front double tyre (2 ton)
  • Semi or full suspension seat
  • Mirror
  • Solid tyre
  • Cabin
  • Available from 10 – 25t

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