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Buying or renting a new forklift truck is a big decision and investment. Choosing the right material handling equipment supplier is therefore critical to your business. Dealers and manufacturers sell similar IC forklifts, Electric forklifts, Pallet Stackers and Electric Pallet trucks, often at a similar price. However, there are one or two differences which you should know about before making that all important decision.

Benefits of buying from your local forklift dealer 

Big manufacturers strive for market share, with large factories to fill and huge sales targets to hit. With this in mind, its couple be possible that they may look to sell you a forklift truck they want you to have (which has been sat collecting dust in the corner for over a year) rather than the correct specification. Also, once you’ve signed the contract and the equipment is on-site, don’t be surprised if suddenly you don’t hear from the salesman for a while to find out how things are progressing.

An established forklift dealer in your area has probably been running for years and have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s not in their interest to sell an old or faulty truck, as this would tarnish their families name and reputation, overnight.

The most reputable material handling dealers will also offer a free site survey. This exercise is invaluable as they can understand your business further, before recommending the right lift trucks for your operations. You can request a free site survey here.

An authorised Forklift Dealer will also have access to the latest model of forklift trucks. By holding an extensive range of lift truck inventory within a central UK facility, ensures reduced lead times. Dealers may also have showroom stock (or even better a Demo!). This provides you with first-hand experience to the equipment which helps you in your decision making.

When you buy from a local forklift dealer, they will provide you with warranties and you’ll have someone to call with any questions. You will also receive all the relevant documentation and LOLER certification.

Three Wheel Forklift

Forklift Service and Maintenance

Buying your counterbalance forklift or warehouse truck through a reputable HC forklift truck dealer means that, in the long term you have reliable back up support whenever you need your forklift vehicle servicing and repairing. You really want to avoid buying from a lone trader, who you might never see again once the sale has been made.

When your IC Forklift, Rough Terrain forklift, Electric forklift or Reach truck servicing or repairing, your local dealer will make the arrangements and often come out to site to carry out the work. Due to the size of the business, you will have a name and contact which makes life easier. Decisions can also be made quicker rather than going up the hierarchy.

A local forklift truck supplier can also bring a lot of benefits to your business, location is everything, we have 40 independent forklift dealers located around the UK. This results in minimal downtime, as well as reducing your overall costs as travel time will be significantly less.

With official distributers having direct links with the manufacturers, it means you’re less likely to wait for replacement parts as they will come directly from the UK distribution centre. This means your forklift will be back up and running in a quicker time.

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Buying a forklift from a local supplier 

Buying local has many benefits, not only on your business, but also the local community. Someone who is having to pay the bills are more likely to go above and beyond to ensure you get the right forklift truck and the best service, reputation means a lot to local businesses. Having a local forklift supplier who you can quickly pick up the phone can go a long way.

HC Forklift UK have over 40 local authorised forklift dealers across the UK and Ireland. From London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Yorkshire, to Glasgow, Southampton, Liverpool, Suffolk, and Bristol – we guarantee fast and local support.

By contacting your local HC forklift dealer, they can assess your business and operational requirements in detail, before recommending the best-fit solution. We pride ourselves in offering a personalised service, tailored recommendations and excellent customer support.

If you would like to discuss your material handling requirements with a local HC Forklift UK dealer then please contact us 0845 600 9790.