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Forklift safety should be paramount to any business operating in material handing and lifting. Establishing a safe working environment encourages a culture of awareness, which helps to combat the risk of injury to the workforce. Safety is magnified in the materials handling world. A combination of IC and electric counterbalance forklifts working in a small vicinity, nearby co-workers, can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

Accident figures released by RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) shows that 43% of incidents involving a forklift truck were impacts with a third person over the last three years. Of these, around 65% were pedestrians engaged in activities unrelated to the immediate truck operation and 20% were co-workers.

Forklift safety and equipment 

Choosing the most suitable equipment for specific handling challenges can vastly improve safety and profits. Whether you are handling light pallets, long loads, or products in the warehouse, manufacturing facilities, or loading bays – it is vital to ensure your forklift is right for you. In doing so, you will significantly reduce the chances of being hit with indirect costs to the business:

  • Downtime after collisions
  • Product damage
  • Repairs to your forklift
  • Staff sick pay
  • Possible fines
4 Reasons Why I Should Upgrade to an Electric Pallet Truck

It’s Safer on Foot

More and more manufacturing and distribution companies are switching to pedestrian-operated forklift trucks in the warehouse and outdoors. Operating a forklift at walking speed is naturally safer than using a motorised truck where a driver sits in cab. A combination of excellent all-around visibility of the load/exterior environment, as well as outstanding manoeuvrability, makes this a much safer solution for employees working within in a crowded area.

Pantograph Reach Stacker

Thanks to new developments in technology, HC-UK’s Pantograph Reach Stacker is able to handle small, palletised loads and longer materials in smaller spaces. Boasting superb value for money, the compact Pantograph Reach Stacker effortlessly moves goods forward and backwards using scissor fork extension system. Providing outstanding versatility, it acts as a counterbalance stacker when the fork is extended, which can handle pallets within enclosed shelves. It also acts as a straddle stacker when the forks are retracted, helping to lift and moves loads up to 1.6 tons in narrow passage.

Reach Stacker

Walkie Reach Stacker

Alternatively, the ​A-Series Walkie Reach Stacker, 1.4t  comes with the option of a multi-position tiller arm which can be turned to the left or right. This allows the operator to remain at the side when working in narrow aisles, rather than the rear – reducing the risk of them being crushed or trapped between the forklift and racking.

Switching to pedestrian forklifts 

Most fatalities and serious injuries caused by impact with pedestrians are wholly avoidable by implementing the right equipment and traffic route separation. By switching to pedestrian type forklift with help to significantly reduce the number of forklift accidents involving a third person, such as a pedestrian or worker. In doing so, it will not only protect the workforce and make it a safer environment, but will also have a positive effect on productivity and increasing storage space.