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With the pace of technological advancement across the material handling sector seemingly accelerating, HC Forklifts UK has made sure its value range of forklift truck and warehouse equipment not only stays at the front of the pack, but also continues to offer its customers a simpler to use and easier to maintain alternative.

As Steve Young, from HC Forklifts UK says: “Technology is often complicated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the user experience needs to be as well. At HC Forklifts UK, our equipment harnesses all the benefits of the latest technology – including exceptional levels of performance and ideal fit for purpose – while at the same time making it simpler to operate as well as easier and less costly to maintain.”

HC Forklifts UK, one of the fastest growing material handling distributors in the UK, is the sole UK importer of the Hangcha brand, which it distributes nationwide through a carefully selected network of specialist local dealers.

Indeed, it is the demands of the global forklift market that have driven the development of a range of machines that manage to take full advantage of all the latest technological developments to deliver environmental efficiencies while, at the same time, avoiding the need for overly specialist skills to operate or maintain them in the field.

The resulting simplicity is built into Hangcha’s equipment from the initial design stage, where even the latest Lithium-ion and Stage V diesel powered machines have enjoyed a ground-up approach to their development, as Mr Young explains.

“Hangcha’s latest Lithium-ion trucks, for example, are designed and built around the technology. They are not existing machines that have been converted. This has enabled Hangcha to integrate the battery into the truck, making the machine more compact with a lower centre of gravity and able to achieve better performance at an incredible price point.”

The technology systems within Hangcha’s products are as cleverly integrated as the batteries. For example, all Hangcha’s Lithium-ion trucks are now intelligently connected to their power sources, enabling individual equipment to talk to its battery and learn from its usage, continually adjusting its power delivery to optimise performance, efficiency, and battery life.

Like Hangcha’s other technology this occurs without the need for intervention or specialist skills from the operator. Although key data is available for analysis, should it be required.

Hangcha’s simplified yet advanced approach to technology extends across its entire offering, which means, whether you operate warehouse equipment, Lithium-ion electric, Stage V diesel or a combination can benefit from trucks that are driver friendly as well as being simple and low cost to maintain.

In fact, placing less demand on the driver and subsequently reducing operator fatigue is not only an important welfare consideration but also helps reduce accidental damage.

HC Forklifts UK carefully specifies all of its Hangcha machines to meet the demands and quality expectations of the UK marketplace, while delivering exceptional value and lowering total cost of ownership.