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Forklift attachments are a critical component in material handling; without them it would be impossible to move certain loads. However, attachments are often overlooked, leading to poorly planned operations and potential damage to goods, or worse still personal injury.

With there being so many different types of forklift attachments available, it’s vital you choose the correct type for your application as it can lead to safer handling, reduce product damage and increased productivity. We’ve put together a guide of some of the most common forklift attachments to help you make the right choice. If you need any further advice contact us on 0845 600 9790. 

1. Side Shifter

Side Shifter

Side Shifters are one of the most common attachments used today. Depending on the capacity of the truck forklift Side shifters allow lateral shift of the load from ± 100 up to ± 160 mm. This enables you to move a load from side to side, so you can make small adjustments to the alignment of the pallet, without manoeuvring the entire forklift.

Side shifters come with either hook-on and integrated versions and help to save time and increase manoeuvrability. They can be used in many applications due to their strong design for heavy duty operation and increased visibility.


  • Reduced fuel and pallet damage
  • Faster loading of pallet
  • Improve Warehouse Space Utilisation

Typical Industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Paper handling
  • Construction
  • Food and beverage

2. Fork Positioner

Fork Positioner

The demands on material handling tasks are increasingly more complex. Fork Positioners allows the forklift forks to be positioned hydraulically – i.e. supplied with oil from the forklift truck’s hydraulic system. They are particularly useful when the width of the load change constantly, allowing the operator to align forks with pallets faster for more effective handling. These forklift attachments increase the flexibility and profitability with more handling capacity of every forklift truck.


  • Increase productivity
  • No manual adjustment of forks
  • Reduced pallet damage
  • Improved load handling times

Typical Industries:

  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical

3. Paper Clamps

Paper Clamps

Paper Roll Clamp attachments enable you to increase productivity in your paper handling operations, whilst leaving your roll damage free. Designed with maximum efficiency in mind, these attachments are commonly used in the paper and printing handling industry and is suitable for different types of machines.


  • Reduces damage of paper rolls
  • Increased handling times
  • Paperhandling 180° or 360° rotation
  • Damage reduction systems available

Typical Industries:

  • Paper

4. Push-Pull Attachments

Push-Pull Attachments

The Push Pull attachments enable transportation of loads with inexpensive and space saving slip-sheets which are usually made of plastic or cardboard.  This cost-effective solution helps to increase shipping volume. The attachment is connected to a conventional forklift truck and can be swiftly disconnected to return to handling pallets. This forklift attachment is operated hydraulically, i.e. supplied with oil from the forklift truck’s hydraulic system. Thanks to a solid construction, The self-supporting scissor system provides excellent visibility conditions through the attachment.


  • Fast removal and installation; with no need to remove forks
  • Allows easy handling of goods with slip sheets
  • Slip sheets reduce packaging weight
  • Fork mounted units available – Can be removed in minutes to use as a conventional FLT
  • Good residual capacity
  • Different lengths of forks useable
  • Multi-fork pushers available upon request
  • Combination with other attachments – for example sideshifters – possible

Typical Industries

  • Beverage
  • Bagged goods
  • Food

5. Multiple Pallet Handler

Multiple Pallet Handler

Multiple Load Handlers are used to handle both a single pallet, or the forks can be spread hydraulically to lift, carry and side shift multiple pallets side by side. This versatile attachment can navigate through narrow aisles, whilst boosting material handling efficiency by taking fewer trips to get the job done.

Multi Pallet Handlers significantly rationalise in-plant transportation and are in operation worldwide in all industry sectors. They are put into operation where several pallets or other loads are transported simultaneously.

Their design ensures the highest stability, long operation with extended intervals between servicing and a minimum of required maintenance.


  • Doubles handling capacity of pallets
  • Reduces loading & unloading times
  • Reduces the amount of required truck manoeuvres
  • Heavy duty tasks
  • Excellent visibility conditions
  • Good residual capacity

Typical Industries

  • Bottling
  • Brewing
  • Warehouse
  • Shipping

6. Fork Extensions

Fork Extensions

Need to get a little extra length on the forks of your lift truck? They offer a simple solution to the problem of an extra-large pallet or a load that is too large for your forklift truck’s standard-length forks. The fork extensions simply slide over your existing forks, adding extra length to better support of the load. The extensions are secured with heel pins so they can’t slide off when in use.

Before selecting the fork extensions you will need to measure the width and thickness of your fork truck’s forks. Please note: the extension length should never exceed 66% of the current fork length as it will cause the truck to topple over if the maximum capacity is reached.


  • Offers stability and safe handling of various loads
  • Retain truck manoeuvrability in normal operating conditions

Typical Industries

  • Warehouse
  • Shops
  • Shipping
  • Factories

7. Fork Rotators

Fork Rotators

This extremely useful attachment allows you to rotate the forks hydraulically 360° in a revolving motion, safely and efficiently when moving loads. Best used for inverting and dumping loads, it helps to improve productivity and greatly limit downtime. The rotators quickly inverts a load and returns forks to upright position in one continuous motion. They help to empty containers or tip horizontal load on a pallet.

Typical Industries

  • Waste / Recycling
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverage

Need More Advice?

If you’re still not sure what attachment you require, feel free to call our material handling specialists on 0845 600 9790 who will be able to talk you through your requirements and provide a suitable solution.