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A Series Counter Balance Stacker 0.8 – 2.0t

The new versatile pedestrian Counter Balance Stacker A Series 0.8 – 2.0t provides a highly economic and flexible handling solution for a variety of environments including: warehouses, supermarkets and handling of pallets.

Capable of handling both single and double-sided pallets, the A-Series Counterbalance Stacker performs many of the tasks traditionally associated with a forklift truck in considerably less space and at a much lower cost.

Combining a low centre of gravity design and high strength steel frame structure chassis, it provides a higher residual load capacity. Its high tech shock absorber offers high levels of comfort which significantly reduces fatigue, resulting in longer and greater performances.

  • Duplex mast 2000 – 4500mm
  • Full free duplex mast 2000 – 3600mm
  • Triplex mast 0.8t: 3500 – 5000mm
  • Mast tilting: forward 2 degrees / Backward 6 degrees
  • Different length of fork
  • Load backrest

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